As You Find Yourself In The Verdant Fields With The Sun On Your Face

August 2 - September 14, 2019

works by Jennifer Lord 

What happens when a rainbow turns into a field of flowers, or further a bouquet?

We have come to a place where there is a recognition that sentient beings are more than just the human inhabitants of this plane. And even that that narrow view is harmful to those very humans. Everywhere one finds oneself, one is in a field of subjective multitudes.

Research has shown that spending time in a forest, in nature, has a positive health benefit. Moreover, having cut flowers in your environment has a beneficial health impact on the viewer. What about paintings of flowers?

Here we face the paintingness of these paintings. Flowers and landscapes yes, and marks, gestures, stains, colors and masking. There is representation and abstraction, gesture and description, everything is available. All of the paintings in AS YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THE VERDANT FIELDS WITH THE SUN ON YOUR FACE were made in 2019. It is the eighth month of that year.

What is the goal or hopes of the artist? To awaken a sense of the wonder of this world, of life, of nature. Painting as a recognition of ourselves, each one of us, humans, in, embedded within an ecology, a shimmering existence.

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