Inventory: Autumn

October 5th - 20th, 2018

Collaborative works by Aaron Mulligan & Lucía Rodríguez

Strange how the change of the seasons can so fluidly mirror the changes in one’s life. Antithetical to the anticipation of Spring, Autumn is a season in which to take account of that which had been anticipated. Autumn is the season of conclusions. JuiceBox founders Lucía Rodríguez and Aaron Mulligan are using an opening in the gallery’s schedule, to present a meditation on the mingling of life and work they have experienced since moving to Denver. Taking advantage of the potential of the space with which they’ve grown intimate, Rodríguez and Mulligan’s exhibition is an inventory of the personal yield that the experience of change has brought them. Inventory: Autumn explores how these have affected the nature of their artistic style, their approach to authorship, and their strategies for inhabiting space. 

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